Going Open Source!

The team (now on holidays after a hefty summer semester) have agreed to change the licencing of the payroll system, and its soon going to become Open Source under the Academic Free Licence (AFL), and the Educational Community Licence (ECL).

Already, Hamman is coordinating moving the project to SourceForge.net, and soon enough, all the source code will be there too.

Piccolo – Payroll Management System AFL ECL


The Project that WAS

We successfully made our presentation last week, and this week was exams week. The semester will soon end, and with it, this project. There will definately be some offshoot projects coming out this project, so watch this space for relevant links to more exciting stuff!

Presentation autopsy

Well, “autopsy” isn’t a strong word considering that the presentation for our group didn’t go “too well”. We have another chance next week, as this presentation was converted to a rehearsal. Next week, the Director of Finance, AAUN, Dr. George Peterson will be present at our presentation, along with other faculty!

Version 1.1 Demo Video

Here is the demo video of the latest version 1.1!

Presentation today!

We are having our project defense! Dr. Odinma has invited our university’s Director of Finance over!

Project Report

We have submitted the project report, and will also be submitting the final deliverable of the software.

Download Project Report [PDF]

Application Version 1.0!

Version 1.0 was delivered to the client today!

Asmau, Osaetin, and Hamman* met with Dr. Odinma and submitted our application version 1. After going through the changes we had done as he had required, he approved the software! Our next task is to write a project report, and then make a project defense. However, our major milestone has been achieved, so well done to all the team members.

 *We had not been able to contact Malachay since morning to inform him of the meeting, so he was absent from it.